My first talk at a Womens Technology Festival

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I always had a great desire to participate in technology events, to feel more engaged in the community, but I was going through a phase in which I almost gave up working in the area, due to n factors, but which I can tell in more detail in another article (if wish).

I'm a recent resident of Salvador, so I still know and relate to a few people from here, however, as a Rocketseat bootcamp student, I found out in the community that they would be supporters of this event and from then on I met FEMTEC.

When visiting the FEMTEC website for the first time, I saw that there was the possibility of submitting a talk to be approved, and if it was approved, I would speak at the event; however, that was the last possible day to submit the talk theme.

So I felt many doubts: should I send a presentation proposal or not? What theme? Will I be welcomed by the community? Will they like my talk? Will I speak well? OMG!

Since I am very determined, I overcame my doubts, put together an index of the lecture in 15 minutes, revised it and sent it! After 3 days, I received the approval response for the topic of the lecture, which was: From Intern B.I. the test minister at Rede Globo. How to fight the inferiority complex and achieve our goals!

It was mixed feelings, as I had never been to any technology event and especially one that was focused on women and minority groups in computing.

I decided to tell you a little about my experience in the area, because despite being 23 years old, I have been working in the area since I was 18, accounting for more than 5 years in the technology area, where I have already worked in the area of surveying and developing requirements, carrying out of tests, remote and face-to-face implementation at clients (where I was in person at large clients such as Rede Globo and at Carrefour's headquarters in São Paulo), support and my planning for changing areas, since at the time of the event I was carrying out a selection process to act as a front-end developer (I managed to be selected and act as a front-end, but that's a topic for another post).

As it was an event focused on women and LGBTQIAP+, I thought it would be interesting to also talk about how we can fight against the Inferiority Complex, where we women and minorities are the most affected by this complex , making us doubt our own abilities and even worse, it is a complex that makes us feel that we are inferior to those around us.

It was certainly one of the greatest and best experiences of my life, where I learned, taught and grew a lot. There were several women of all ages who were there in search of help, learning, friendship and that extra bit of strength to enter a very challenging area and, despite having a woman as the first programmer in history, we are still a minority.


I was able to share how I started my career in the IT area, my difficulties, learnings, the decision to change and become a programmer, how to have more focus, purposes, how to overcome the inferiority complex and, finally, tips so that they could always be in contact with the community, whether with podcasts, articles, events, and I was also able to share the story of Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in history.

Ada lovelace

The story of Ada certainly fascinates me, and in the future I will dedicate an article to her, a strong, intelligent woman, far ahead of her time and, above all, a mathematical woman who, little by little, is being recognized for her enormous legacy in the area of exact sciences and mainly in computing.

This event was magical and unique, in addition to making me understand how great the technology community is and how much it brings us to participate in these events.

I hope you liked it, because this is also my first article. I love getting feedback, so please give me yours and let me know what I can improve.

PS.: The site I used to create the slides is slidebean and it is simply wonderful, as it is possible to insert music, videos, gifs and images, in addition to being super intuitive.

Today's song will be I'm Still Here — Sia which besides being one of my favorite singers, this song in particular talks about how our past can haunt us and that we have to constantly fight to be strong and overcome it.

I hope youI liked it and see you next time! 🫶🏻